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The Clockworks 1151

Clockworks 451 Our clockworks are manufactured by Hermle Black Forest Clock Company. Hermle is a German company that has been engineering clock movements since 1922.  Any high quality grandfather clock you may find today, is likely to have a Hermle movement.  Hermle has remained the top producer because of its consideration to quality parts and design. When buying a clock from London Clocks, you can be assured by the knowledge, that our grandfather clocks are supplied using these fine quality Hermle movements.

This particular movement has an eight-day chain-wind weight-driven feature that plays three separate cathedral chimes: Westminster, Wittington, and St. Michael.

The history of the Westminster chime is unclear. It is thought to have been a variation on the four notes making up the fifth and sixth measure of "I know that my redeemer liveth" from Handel's Messiah. It was written in 1793 for the University church, St.Mary's the great, in Cambridge, England. The words of Handel's symphony noted here:

I know that my redeemer liveth. Lord, through this hour, be thou our guide.|
So, by thy power, no foot shall slide.

The present association of the Westminster chime is with London's Victoria clock tower of the house of parliament.

The clock movement has an automatic night off feature. The clock chimes cease playing at 11:00pm and automatically resume at 7:00am. The clock movement has a lever that appears on the dial, which allows you to turn the chimes off completely.

The movement has a moving moon phase capability. This means when the moon is full in the sky, the moon will be shown as full on the dial of your clock.

The clockworks have maintained the element that honors the history of the weight driven method of keeping time with the improvement of a self-adjustment beat set. In the old days, the clock had to be completely level or it would not run. It would not stay in beat. The self-adjustment beat set solves that problem and will maintain accurate time.



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